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Public Records Search 
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Running background checks is important for many people. You may be an employer or run a shelter for vulnerable adults and children and need volunteers. It is really important to make sure those who apply for positions are who they say they are and will not cause problems for your company or organization due to their past. This online public records search services offer different types of background checks.
The People Search for Previous History
Everybody comes with a past and there is often no escaping it. The people search is quick and simple. You input the names and location of the people you are checking and you will see all the public information held on them. These can include criminal records, birth and death records, any marriages and even bankruptcies.
Criminal Records for More Information
Similar to the people search, you can check for any criminal records. This is completed the same way as the above and will pull out all information that is public. You will see the reason for the criminal record to determine if it is going to stop you from employing them.
The Reverse Phone Search
Sometimes, you don’t have the information of the person. If you are continually called by the same number, you may be worried that you are being targeted. The reverse phone search will bring up all the information of the person who owns the number. You can then use that information for the criminal records or people look-up. You may even be able to find out about email addresses.
Checking the Car Record Search
Whether you have been hit by someone or you are unsure whether the vehicle belongs to the person, the car record search is a great way to get more information. It brings up the details of the registered owner, which will instantly tell you whether it is stolen or not. You will get the name and address of the owner, which will allow you to do other quick searches.

This online public records search service offers many ways to check on people. This is great, whatever the reason for the background checks. However, keep in mind that the information you see is only that in the public record. It will not display anything that has been sealed by the courts for any reason. 

Click here to Conduct Background Checks and Public Records Search

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